Barkuu Physiology

Barkuu Appearance


The Barkuu genome is unique for each planet. On Earth, the Barkuu have used Humanity as its base, giving them a similar physical appearance. Their skin is bluish with varying levels of green varying upon caloric need. As well, they have the same underlying magenta of  circulating blood, giving the skin a complex layering of colors that evolve with homeostatic processes.


The Barkuu stature is human-like, with an average height of one hundred seventy centimeters for women, one hundred seventy-five for men. The height and overall size of the Barkuu vary greatly with respect to type. However, they have an additional iris, as well as a set of beta arms and eyes, that are at rest until needed. They further have a set of facial appendages that allow for the holding of a face-plate. 

Dual-Layer Iris

All Barkuu have a second iris with lens that allows them to better focus and have telescopic vision. Individual layers of the iris are often colored differently.

Beta Eyes

The Beta Eyes sit inline with the primary set, but are set slightly behind the ear. The eyes can be used at will or lie dormant covered with hair. When activated, they give the Barkuu a splendid three hundred degree view.

Facial Appendages

The Barkuu have two appendages on their face that gracefully form a chin when not in use. When engaged, these two appendages can reach out and attach to a wide variety of face-plates and apparatus on a molecular scale. These face-plates can be anything from the hardened decorative shell of a warrior, an entire helmet or a breathing apparatus for a different environments.

Beta Arms

The Beta Arms replace the lowest set of ribs and fold into the chest inconspicuously. Having very small muscle mass and size, they are physically weak. However, they are tightly mapped with the power resonating nano-tubules, giving them increased energy manipulation.

Barkuu Energy Control


The Barkuu have nano-tubules lacing their structure. They allow them to channel the unseen energies around us, and those put forth by their technologies. These tubes can vary from  light channeling, to intricately mapped and densely packed tubules, depending on designation. 


These channels and non-tubules are laced with the Barkuu's own creation, "Creet". This mineral can easily be manipulated into a superconductor of energies, allowing them to be channeled through their structure. 

All Barkuu are born with these tubules and have the capacity to channel them to one degree or the next depending on their type. This type is determined on a gradient of the nano-tubules present in that particular Barkuu.

     - Type 1. Large nano-tubules; have tremendous force of will and power, but lack control.

     - Type 2. Medium nano-tubules; highly empathetic, excellent and far reaching vision of the energy world. These Barkuu also have a greater capacity to manipulate the energy field of others. 

     - Type 3. Small nano-tubules; have precision control of small instruments, they tend to be very creative and have acute control of their camouflage reflexes.  



Barkuu can further have a designation according to their lives lived and Karmic energy. With living and wisdom come a more advanced body. 


With the channeling of energies, comes abilities that are far outside our own capacity. 

     - Vision. The Barkuu can close their eyes and envision the world as it pertains to its flow of energies. One could easily see the life force of another, and the state that it's in; happy, sad, angry, deceptive, or in love. 

     - Levitation/Leaping. Channeling energy allows the Barkuu to levitate or glide with ease. It also allows them to gather that energy and release it as they jump, leaping well over another Barkuu's head.

     - Telekenesis. All Barkuu have this capacity to some extent, anything from levitating small objects, to operating tools and environmental controls.